A word is just a word, you say. It sits prettily on a page, meaning nothing until read, and then it delivers a message before falling back into silent passivity, waiting for its turn to come round again. It is black lines on white plains, printed footprints of where the writer’s mind has wandered. But still, just lines. Simple. Unassuming. Certainly, nothing to fuss over. Just words…right?

I see them as so much more. Like a photographic negative, you can hold them up in front of you and there’s a picture there, but it’s vague. You can only make out enough from the shadows and lines to know what the object of the picture is. But, when you set it on a lit table, suddenly the details burst forth. There is color, fine shades of distinction, a luminescence that brings the object to life. Some words have a  life like this all on their own. Their mere existence holds power that lights feeling without effort. However, words come to life differently from person to person. Words often have a history with the reader. They’ve often met before, but the circumstances of their first rendezvous can change entirely the relationship between word and reader.

This entry is the beginning of a microscopic look into that relationship. I’ll share words I love, words I avoid, and why they sing for me the way they do. Remember, communication is key and words are layered with meaning beyond their definition.

And so, to begin. A little fun with — effervescence.

Like bubbles? I can hear you asking. Yes, but wait! There’s more. But isn’t it interesting that that’s where your mind went first? Just by reading the word, I can feel the tickle of it on my tongue even though the word has only visited my mind. I can imagine the small bubbles of a favorite cool drink and the bright and refreshing quality of them, but that is only one use of this cheerful word.

Just as the word dances, so does the soul of the person who holds the trait. Their energy is light and airy, enthusiastic and bold in a joyful sort of way. They are the people who smile with ease and laugh with an honest appreciation for all the silly and wonderful things the world offers.

It is a child bounding through a door to greet a parent long awaited, the anticipation and excitement having built over many hours spent peeking out the window, fogging the glass with quick, warm breaths.

It is a young woman sipping champagne with friends as they admire the future displayed on her finger. She is happy in a way that cannot seem to be contained by her body and she begins those smile lines in earnest as she talks and listens and talks some more, eye on her giddy horizon.

It is the receiver of good news anticipated, but not banked upon. The electricity of gratitude and hope for what it means is running through their body, and the feelings threaten to bubble over in laughter for it must go somewhere.

In all these painted pictures, you can feel the glow and liveliness of these people. Their effervescence. The magic of a word and the images and feeling it can induce…it’s beautiful. And whether a soulful resonance or an intricate firing of synapses are to blame, I certainly enjoy the experience. Maybe you’ll start your own little list of words that spark more, and, if you do, please share them with me. ❤

I hope you and yours have a beautiful holiday season filled with love, family, and friends.

Much love,